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Blaupunkt Pressure Washer Turbo Nozzle

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Speed up your cleaning and blast stubborn dirt away with our high pressure rotating turbo nozzle.

  • For Blaupunkt Pressure Washers
  • High speed rotating water jet
  • Dirt lifting action
  • Speeds up cleaning time
  • Especially good on patios and stone

  • TURBO NOZZLE - Enhance your cleaning experience and reduce your cleaning time with our Turbo Nozzle for Blaupunkt Pressure Washer lances.
  • ROTATING BLAST - A high pressure jet rotating tornado-like at high speed has a dirt lifting action that’s perfect for cleaning patios, drives, stone and other hard surfaces.
  • GREAT PERFORMANCE - As opposed to regular nozzles that allow a high pressure focused jet, or a blade shaped jet at a cost of some pressure. Our Turbo Nozzle gives you the pressure of a focused jet over a wider area speeding up cleaning times and improving performance in general.
  • EASY TO FIT ACCESSORY - Fitted easily to your lance using a quick connect system - you can quickly swap between the regular nozzle tip and the Turbo Nozzle during cleaning to suit your task.
  • FOR BLAUPUNKT PRESSURE WASHERS - Designed for use with Blaupunkt Pressure Washers PW2100a, PW3100c, PW5200i and PW7200i.