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Deadfast Ready to Use Pre-Baited with Poison Mouse Killer Bait Station, Twin Pack - White

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  • Stations are pre- baited with the fastest killing poison in the UK
  • Each station contains enough bait to kill up to 50 mice
  • Stations are deigned to be used indoors only and are tamper resistant for safe use around the home
  • Bait station will kill the mice even if they only consume a small amount of the bait
  • Pack contains 2 pre baited stations

Deadfast Ready to Use Mouse Killer Pre-Baited Station

Bait & Station All in One

Our bait contains an innovative non-anticoagulant active ingredient belonging to the narcotic family. Alphachloralose is the fastest killing poison in the UK, and the first non-anticoagulant in the mice control industry. Designed to kill instantly and with only low consumption required, this rodenticide is ideal to stop mice infestations before they become a problem.

Aplhachloralose is a fast acting paste bait containing a premium cereal blend with active capsulation technology to encourage mice to consume and kill within 24 hours whilst they sleep.

The bait station, required by law, is tamper resistant and provides protection around the home and stops children, pets & non-target animals accessing the bait.


Ready-To-Use Paste Sachets

Deadfast Ready to Use Mouse Killer has a unique and highly attractive bait formulated from a blend of premium grade cereals to give superior performance. It is designed to kill mice almost instantly and have total control in 1-3 days, unlike average anticoagulant of 7-10 days.

•Highly palatable due to new innovative Technology •No known resistance

•Made with a micro-porous film, to allow rodents to detect the attractive smell

•Kills mice within 24 hours while they sleep

Deadfast Ready to Use Mouse Killer is for indoor use only. The bait MUST be placed inside a tamper resistant bait station by law, to protect and avoid children, pets and non-target animals from accessing the bait. Where possible, secure the bait box so that they cannot be dragged away.

Always read the full label and product information before use.


How to Use Tips

To maximize success, remove any food competition like grains or food waste. Apart from this, do not clean up the area before the treatment, as this only disturbs the rodent environment and makes bait acceptance more difficult to achieve.

Before using, please READ ALL THE INSTUCTIONS OF USE, to make sure the right bait distance and quantity is used, depending on level of infestation and type of rodent.

Dead rodents and bait found outside bait points should be disposed of using protective gloves. Remove all baits after treatment and dispose of them in accordance with local requirements. Waste bait and poisoned rodents should be double-bagged using plastic bags and disposed of in a household waste bin with a secure lid to prevent access of wildlife or pets.


Key Benefits:

  • Kills in 24 Hours;
  • No known resistance;
  • Tamper resistant stations;
  • Protects bait from children, pets & non-target animals;
  • Each box kills up to 50 mice;
  • Includes x2 bait stations and bait;
  • For use indoors only;
  • Bait included.